How do you tell the difference between men jeans and women jeans?

Stupid question but here you go , I was taking some clothes from the cupboard and I just found this Jeans I don't remember it actually so I thought it was one of mine when I was younger but it didn't seem like that too so I tried it on it surprisingly fits BUT it's somekind of tight in the thighs and the ass , when I looked in the miror I was like " man this jeans must be ladie's " and maybe one of my cousins left it I don't know
How you tell the difference between them?


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  • Baha dude those are Jack and Jones jeans. That's a brand that ONLY makes menswear.


    Besides... Those are SO TOTALLY men's jeans. Df?

    • You'll NEVER find women's jeans where the back pockets extend that far down.
    Women's jeans are structured to emphasize the "fold" where the buttocks meet the backs of the legs. Like, the bottom of the bubble, in a "bubble butt".
    Pockets like those are specifically structured to DE-emphasize that fold. (... Which is too bad, because I like to stare at boy butts. But, yeah.)

    • That big ugly fly zipper tho.
    The zippers on women's jeans are only about 1/2 as long as the zippers on men's jeans. Because... well, because we don't unzip to go to the bathroom, lol.
    We only unzip if the jeans are coming all the way down anyway -- so our zippers are really short.

    • That crotch... OMG SO BIG.
    It's like you've got something hanging in there. (:

    Look at the short zipper, and HIGH TIGHT crotch, on these women's jeans:

    Look at the back pockets: (this is a model with no ass at all, but, imagine how they would look if she had one)


    • So is it safe to wear them or I will get these comments of " dude is that your sister's "

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    • Tx for the MHLuv <3

    • Np you are welcome you were the most helpful really

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  • u can tell them apart by looking their buttons

    • And what's the difference in buttons?

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    • @Hai_tis_E It's not just for shirts, it's for almost all women's pants, too, except jeans.

      Balmain does this with their pants AND their jeans.

      Balmain mens jeans (normal zipper, reach in to zip with right hand):

      Balmain women's jeans, with "dress pants" zipper (reach in to zip with left hand):

      Of all the jean brands I have (and that's a lot... ahah) Balmain is the only one that zips denim in the "wrong" direction.
      And it's only the Balmain mainline, too (women's Pierre Balmain jeans zip in the same direction as men's).

    • Sry that didn't work

      Balmain women's jeans with reverse zipper

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  • I've accidentally worn my brother's black jeans before and I noticed a stark difference. The crotch is SO much roomier (usually stretchy) and the legs are more straight lined, women's jeans are tighter around the thighs, and wider at the hips, and much smaller at the crotch as we have nothing to fill up that space with lol.
    I think it looks quite lady like tho tbh

    • So you say these pics are ladies?

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    • Yah no worries. Fashion is like the air I breathe, lol.

      I've tried on boy jeans before, just because of my height, but the crotch depth is just... nope. ahha.

      Also, boy jeans go really high up the waist, too.
      A typical pair of boy jeans has a 10"-11" rise (= distance between the crotch seam and the waistband) in the front, and 13"-14" in the back. Even the "low rise" jeans that gay slutboys wear, still have a 9" rise in the front and 10-12" in the back.

      Most of my jeans have a front rise of 8" or 9". I have a couple pairs of low-rise jeans where it's 6.5"-7".
      Guys physically couldn't wear them without being pornographic.

      (Also, guys' jeans have to be higher up because their hips aren't built like ours, so they would just fall off if they sat on the hips.)

    • @Rainie_ , is it good or bad?

  • Men's are a straighter wider leg and the crotch seam is longer.
    Women's can be curvy, form fitting, shorter seam, shorter length maybe

    • What do you say from the pics?

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    • Thank you

  • You have a big ass label on the back which you can search and find out if they are men's or woman's most likely men's, just a slim fit.


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  • Women jeans seems tighter

  • Mens jeans tend to be more straighter, less curvy, have deeper pockets.

    • I will add photos anf you tell

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