How to get someone with possible Borderline Personality Disorder to get help?

she's been indirectly diagnosed by more than one person to have this condition.
Its a very serious condition.
she's in a very bad situation.
Her home environment is abusive.
She doesn't live in a place with "child protective services" or "police".
Going to therapy carries a stigma equal to "are you calling me crazy?"

she's extremely sensitive. Any ever so slightly accusatory formulation can trigger her and make her very hurt.
I want to suggest she gets therapy, because its really serious. she's hurt herself in the past and she's in a really bad place now.

But I dont know how to suggest it without making things worse.
Its not like with emotionally well adjusted people where you can logically and rationally convince them there's a problem.
Everything that isn't positive is twisted into an insult or an accusation or a personal attack.

I dont want to hurt her, or blunder by saying things the wrong way. How would I go about telling her there's a problem and she needs help?


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  • if you're close, she might listen to you
    if you're not, then you're making it much worse


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  • There's a good chance she'll refuse or sabotage every attempt to help her. You have to consider the possibility you can't help her.

  • If she doesn't want then let her. Why bother yourself?