Has anyone here ever beat major depression?


If with meds, which ones?


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  • Yes, I have. They tried to make me take about 4-5 different sets of pills but nothing worked for me personally. It just took a long time of letting myself go through the motions and finding the drive in myself to not want to feel depressed anymore.


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  • Meditation?
    Challenging perceptions :)
    Challenging what ever you perceive as hopeless in your life.
    Moving, metaphorically and literally. Trying new things.
    Working on your health, and the 'chronically stagnated intestinal mucosa' with ginger compresses and/or massages for the large (and small) intestine. Large intestine health is essential.
    Eating a reasonable, balanced diet; limiting the processed, refined and sugary crap.
    Med's are a joke, the body has an innate capacity to heal...
    Fake it till you make it...
    Not going to claim any of this is easy, or that one can ever claim to beat anything. But what is the alternative? Least this way, you're empowered.


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  • Wellbutrin has been working well for me, i tried an ssri ant-depressant (lexapro) but hated it and it didn't work. Wellbutrin is like a very weak, very slowly released cocaine (it has a very similar action, a dopamine and norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor). Exercise also helps. Or if you think your depression will be gone in a month or two just drink a lot of alcohol (trust me it is a pragmatic option). Alcohol is very numbing and euphoric at the same time (drink hard liquor too, beer doesn't cut it.)

  • myself. because of love and came out of it after a long time.

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