Me and my girlfriend got into a fight with a group of lads because of our "friends" and she got hurt but I'm distancing myself from her what do I do?

So me and my girlfriend got into a fight because of our friends mouthing off and we just defended her I took the fist puch I was trying to get everyone to give up so I swung back and it ended up in a fight with about 12 lads 7 doing most of the damage anyway it ended up at the point where I was on floor getting my head kicked in she started to pull them off and they went for her and hurt her when I got up she was hurt fairly badly she has severe asthma and she got kicked in the ribs and alsorts we are ok now just I am distancing myself from her she asks if I am ok and I just say yes I want to be but I hated seeing her on the floor hurt I wish I could have done more has anybody else experienced this I just don't know what to do I I'm not doing it on purpose help


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  • Why would you be distancing yourself from her? Did YOU hit her? Did YOU do anything wrong?


    Back away from your shitty friends not your girlfriend.

    • Oh no way I would never it was a group of lads but feel bad cause she shouldn't have gotten hurt it's not a good sight seeing you girlfriend on the floor in state she was in but I feel like I c annoy look after her oh and we don't talk to them now acting concerned when these lads had had the fill and gone

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    • No I was with her during the fight I was involved I was on the floor had my head kicked in she tried to help but then she got done in too

    • I got that thanks. Go back to my question.

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  • What? I'm confused. So it was you, your girlfriend, and your friends against a group of people?

    • Yer it was me and my girlfriend in the end that felt with the kicking not our friends they went away tills they had gone but seeing my girlfriend on floor having an asthma attack after that was awful and I don't know feel like I can't look after her I suppose

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    • The other person or answered this question is a crazy manhater, I know her in real life, you should really block her like I did

    • Yer police came no one arrested yet might not happen but we shall se and oh is she haha