Guys, He was CRAZY about me... we haven't seen eachother for two weeks and that feeling just disappeared?

I was seeing this guy for over two months.. and he was obssesed with me in every way possible... With my looks, with my personality, he loved the fact that he could trust me and he couldn't stop talking about how crazy he is about me. And it was all real. Trust me on this lol.
So tell me how is it possible that all of this just faded away? We spent an incredible summer together and we were all over eachother... For a long time I didn't open up because I dont trust easily.. But he made me feel like I could trust him.. He was serious about me.. he made plans for our next summer together (?), asked me about my parents-how were they like etc. And than I went on vacation for two weeks and all of a sudden he told me that he wasn't ready to commit?


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  • he must be confused

    • Obviously :( Though I still don't understand a thing

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