If Christianity didn't exist, then wouldn't the Jewish bible, be just "the bible" instead of "the OLD testament"?


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  • It would be called the Torah... like it already is? You spoon lol

    • The torah, IS the bible, you tool

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  • It is already called the Torah and/or Pentateuch in Judaism. I believe Tanakh refers to the entire collection. The difference however is that if it were not for Christianity, Jews would probably still be using the Greek Septuagint today. The only reason they created the Masoretic Text was because Christians were using the Septuagint to prove them wrong.


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  • Probably yes. But what difference does it make. A book is still a book.

    • New testament is a LOT different than the old one

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    • Yeah, by current authors

    • Your point being? All four had authors and only 1 author of the three is still alive. Tolkein's dead and the who knows how many authors of the Torah/Bible books are long dead.

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