What is difference between 'call' and 'call up' ? Is there any difference between these two verbs?


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  • Well, call can be correctly used to mean a phone call. You could call someone, or make a call. Although, a call can also be used to mean a judgement. To make a call on something can be like making a decision.

    You wouldn't generally use call up to mean phoning someone. Hardly anyone in England, where I'm from, would say I'm going to call up the police, for example. They'd just say I'm going to call the police.

    Call up tends to only be used in specific circumstances and is more to summon someone or something. You can be called up to the armed forces, or you can call up certain records from a database on to the screen.

    • Thank you. I am a little confused and I do not know that should I learn British English.

  • call is a verb while call up is prepositional verb.. call generally means to call someone but call up means remembering something
    for example :
    I called you last night
    I can't call up your name!


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