Do you find people who always change a conversation to about themselves annoying?

Eg you will be having a conversation and they will have to "beat" your story or turn into about themselves.

Do you find those people annoying? And is there a name for them?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, my best friend is like that. It's gotten to the point where I'm actually thinking of not talking to her but once a week. She's really annoying sometimes, even though she's a sweet person.

    • Yeah people like that are annoying.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Most people can't straight up talk about themselves and most people generally ask questions about others. But there are situations when turning to make answers about yourself makes you more relatable to that person, so it's a bit misleading and kinda loaded. But given they just don't give a shit and are narcissistic about it and/or don't have anything interesting to say, which you're obviously implying (don't worry, I'm not really overthinking it), yeah.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Black cat syndrome 😐

    • It is just an insecurity though. Just like those who imitate others, it's another form of fitting in. It can either annoy you or you just laugh it off and let them go at it

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    • It's what I've always heard it called, but it could be a cultural thing.
      "My black cat is blacker than your black cat"

    • Lol ok just making sure because I plan to tell someone they have it.

  • ı dont care either


What Guys Said 5

  • Once you see past the annoyance and notice their insecurity then they are no longer annoying, they're just a little bit irrelevant and pathetic. If you always have to affirm your own worth by pissing on everyone else's achievements then you are seriously just saying "Look at me, value me, I'm good too, I'm better than you, LOOK AT ME!!". When people defeat themselves in such a way then I find them no threat.

  • It's called NARCISSISTIC. It's also how people relate - they connect to what you're saying to how it is for them.

    FB is the ultimate narcissistic tool. LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!!!

  • Yeah that's definitely bothersome! Maybe those people didn't have much else to talk about besides themselves.

  • Depends. If it's towards a negative emotion they're feeling, I would let them vent. If it's to establish some sort of ego then they can go eff themselves.

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