I want to create some goals in life... so what are the things you want to do or experience before you die?

What are your big goals, bucket list items in life? they could be simple like:

I want to help at an orphanage
I want to change disadvantaged groups (such African americans) to rise above poverty (or any group)
I want to see the Mona Lisa
I want to invent something


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  • I love your last one especially. I am trying to invent something as we speak. I love Shark Tank, and the inventive and creative people on that show. Even if they don't win, they usually find that their business takes off. IT is all about the right product/service at the right time.

    Other goals- loosing weight- I am at 53.5 lbs in 260 days, and want to loose like 15 more in the next 90 days

    I have raised over 6 million dollars in my community for the United Way to go to several agencies. That was several years ago, and I now have a goal to go do it again in the next year. So a lot of your goals, are mine too.

    Mona LIsa, not so much, but New Zealand is more largest goal to reach for travel! Great Question! Thank you

    • you are a dynamo! how did you raise the 6 million?
      Great job on losing weight... that's a lot of stored energy, and you'll get more as you get in better shape. Maybe time to do a 100 mile bike ride!;)

      I want to invent as well, I have good or great ideas, but the whole process to create... don't know where to start. where did you learn it?

      I agree... seen the mona lisa... done that:) Rather go into the mountains myself. Thanks for your response!

    • The 6 million was over 4 months and a team of 4 people. IT is all about working together to achieve more...
      My Dad invented something a lifetime ago for IBM, I have been intrigued with inventions every since. The mother of necessity... as it goes
      The weight loss will be a lifestyle change forever... I walk 30-40 miles a week, but a bike ride such as that would be a great challenge!

      I have been fortunate to travel a lot, but Hawaii is one of the last States I have not seen, and I am saving it so I can continue on to New Zealand after...

      Always remember this" The tragedy of life doesn't lie in NOT reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach." Benjamin Mays

    • Thanks a Bunch for MHO!!!

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  • I just want to be able to have the means to do the things that randomly pop up in my head. My brain runs a million miles a minute and my interests constantly change so, as many things as I can think of!

    • that's actually ok, not focused, but you will live life to the fullest wherever you are, which means you can be happy with whatever result. That's how I've been operating and it works for a long time.

  • Swim with dolphins
    visit Australia
    design my own house

  • Scuba diving
    Volunteering at shelters

  • Help out at an animal orphanage somewhere. Like help baby sloths or elephants.
    Visit every continent.
    Would love to design my own clothing line.
    Would also love to run my own business.

    Not much really. Doubt any are achievable

    • the animal one is possible... start with cats/dogs or something. maybe start a business walking them and go from there. then you have $, you can travel the world. you are young, lots is possible and a few goals broken down into components helps. years I had a big goal made a huge difference. I'm out of goals at the moment...

    • Already did that for a year. I took animals home from it. Nobody would pay me.

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