Really confused any help?

So there is this boy I'm taking too. We arnt in a relationship we just want s*x from each other ( we haven't done it yet and I have gotten stuff like contraception to get reads for it) which kinda sounds bad but I do like him further like he's so fit I love him. I don't know how her feels. We last spoke Tuesday and he was busy and said he might speak later. It's Wednesday and he has been online but hasn't spoken and I really want to message him but I feel like we are drifting apart even though I'm not and I don't want to chase him but I really wanna do stuff with him but I don't want to be pushed away. Any help or advice please I don't know what to do?


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  • No offense , i believe you both need a course on sex education
    before you engage into it cause i feel there is little uneducated
    stuff going on here. Trust me as much as you think you know
    about sex you could end up pregnant and not even have a father
    to part of the babies life so you got think things over before you
    just jump into having sex. How would Jesus feel knowing your
    engaging in this type of behavior at such a young life i think
    you need to take some lessons from my niece whose 15 and
    won't have no boys in her life cause she wants a education and
    someday get a good job and make a living for her self.

    • If you want a relationship with real love it needs to start here and someone got to break the ice.

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    • You're welcome :):)

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  • If your age on here is correct (16) then I would encourage you to hold off on casual sex. Almost every young women I know (including myself) who has attempted this winds up emotionally involved. It can reek havoc with your self esteem for years.

    Just the skin to skin contact can release oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel love and connection. Logically and rationally you can understand what you're doing, but then be betrayed by your hormones and find yourself smitten.

    I would recommend finding a partner that genuinely enjoys you as a person and your company, for now at least. Once you have had more experience (in both love and sex) navigating a friends with benefits relationship can be safer.

    Please don't take this as any assumption about your maturity or experience. I just really hope you can avoid the heart break and pain that I and many others have experienced.

    • I am 16, but he is my ex and has only started speaking after about a year and when we broke up I was in so much heart ache and pain it can't get any worst. trust me. So it wouldn't really matter would it if he hurt me?

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    • True, I'm still not over him but it's so hard😪

    • Moving on from heart break can be so hard. Try to remember that you are awesome when ever you start wondering if there's something wrong with you.
      This experience will help you grow and learn what things you want and don't want in a partner.
      The two of you can be perfect as you are, and still just not fit together anymore. It nerdy but I look at it as we are gears, made perfectly to specific dimensions. You can fit with someone for half a rotation, but then find it not working right. It's nothing inanely wrong with you or him. It just isn't right anymore.

      You don't have to stop loving him to move on, you just have to change the type of love.

      Take some time to take care of yourself, like taking yourself on a "date". Experiment with masturbation (they have some great toys online). If you can take care of yourself then you don't "need" a guy (sexually or emotionally). Hold out for someone that makes your life better.

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  • Communicate.

    Even "So, what's next?" - can be a question for him. See if he is willing to take it to the next level...

  • Yeah. If you want more than just sex, don't hide it, you can't ease someone into being a couple without them being interested. If he says no when you bring it up, it's not happening, and move on. Find someone else who is reasonably fit even if not quite as fit who actually wants to be with you. If being a couple (who also has lots of sex) is what you want, finding someone who wants that too will make you happier than running around picking up the scraps someone you think is awesome tosses in your direction.


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  • Sex only magnifies the state of your relationship, which already doesn't sound good. If he's not contacting you often, sex will push him further away. You're young & horny, I get it. Do some school work then masturbate like a normal kid :)

    • Ye but he's a fuckboy so basically someone who constantly want sex won't that mean the opposite of flushing away?

    • No he's a fuckboy. I'm dealing with my own fuckboy. He'll get it from you then onto the next girl. You'll be left feeling like shit. Trust me :)