Should I text her?

We text like once per week, sometimes we dont text at all. So we were texting yesterday and right before the conversation ended (it was late), she told me she would send me something tomorrow (today). So it is the time we usually text, and she didn't send me anything. Should i text her to remind her or the conversation ended?


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  • I get that urge to. It's such an annoying feeling. I know you want to but I wouldn't i'd just wait it out. She might be busy, something could have come up. :)

    • That is good i'm not the only one, it leaves wondering what was she going to send you lol. Yeah, i will wait for her to text me.

  • I would wait and if she doesn't text you today then I would text her tomorrow just to let her know that your not desperate but our interested

  • Just wait some more
    You're coming off really interested in her and she might not be as into you as you're into her

    • Exactly what i thought. I guess i will wait and mention it face to face tomorrow. We have a class together tomorrow, she told me she would save a seat for me next to her if she comes early.

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