How to emotionaly get over him? Please help?

He was my first boyfirend and my first love, but he never really had eyes for me the way i did for him and with time i grew very insecure and he became a jerk towards it,.. we dated for 5 years.

i was glad to met him he gave me emotional support and was great to me until one day he stopped being that Guy, he started to call other girls hot and flirt with them and i grew insecure cause i knew he had a thing for petite blondes and told me he does not like big boob or butt which i have :( i get that he was with me but him stating it like that made me feel like the average girlfirend for him... and he said other things that were mean too saying he thought some blondes were prettier than me when i asked him so which made me more insecure...

but i can't stop thinking all the good times we had and how i felt so close to him i was young with him whilei grew older with him aswell, i loved him for the person he was i just loved him a lot and he know it but never gonna like me back one bit that way, i need to get over him, i need to live life happy, how can i emotionaly get over him?

We broke up for a year now.. and my emotions still run high for him... he is around he didn't say hi to me and i shouldn't either and i dont want to seem clingy he treats me like crap and i know it...


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  • You need to have a serious relationship (if your first boyfriend is still hitting your mind , it means you haven't ) and the man will help you. Actually you are comparing your men. You need to find somebody you should be feeling proud of, not to show the world you forgot your past, but to live your own life.

  • Understand that he was that guy, that his is not any longer, so someone else must be that guy now. It's universally how things work. Some people never forget their first, but that does not mean that one is the best.

  • It's not easy, it will take time...

    Cut him out of your life, block him, throw away everything reminding you of him. Delete all your music if you have to.

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    • Thank you ❤

    • You're Welcome :)

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