What should I do about is weird girl?

I have this weird girl in my class that sometimes starts ranting about the weird things fx a two weeks ago a bunch of us i my class were talking about what we would do if a lot of us didn't pass the last test. One of the guys said we should just not acknowledge the result, to which I said we couldn't because we wasn't Donald Trump. Then she complete blows up and starts ranting about how Hillary Clinton molests children that she ships into the USA, and that we should read wikileaks (the rest of us just looked confused at each other)
And then today I was speaking to her and another girl about shopping online and I said it was bad for the economy to shoppe too much from aboard webside because it's just money out of the country, then she starts talking about that it's just propaganda and about how politicians are ruining our country and taking money from everyone, she had gone totally of the deep end. I just started reading one of my texts books.

So what should I do if she does that again? Is it okay to ignore her? I'm not really confrontational, but she kind of scares me.
What would you do?


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  • She's really passionate about her beliefs. You are going to find a lot of people like that as you keep going in life. Especially after this election too? Their is a lot of people ready to debate about anything at the snap of a finger. Just let them rant, dont argue with them. If you don't share your beliefs with them they won't have anything to bounce off of. If they ask you something controversial just say no comment. If they turn regular conversation into crazy fits, change the subject

  • Just play along, she obvs has trouble fitting in.

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