What kind of person are you?

I think I am a cold person in general,but to someone I am always a sweetheart, what about you?


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  • I'm really shy and quiet in general

    • Did you mean in real life? on here I don't feel you're shy lol, but cute hehe !

    • Irl I'm really shy but here I feel comfortable so I can tell what I really think :)
      Thanks you that's nice ^-^

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • Playful and friendly. I love making people laugh. And i can be friend with the all types of people. These things are my best skills 😀 I work as an animator in summers at hotels (girls loves me too 😀)

    • You sounds nice easy to get alone work as an animator that also means you can draw or design very well?

    • No not that animator. I mean I am entertaining people at the hotel. I organize activitie, I talk to tourists and also develop foreign languages. Great work for student at summers.

    • Thank you

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  • Weird.

    I'm not even saying that like how some girls say it, where it's all cute and situational. No bitch I'm weird. Lol. Been told by everyone my entire life that I am, and the things I do in real life is not represented so much in my responses obviously but I am an odd duckling.

    • Being weird is not a bad thing also born to be weird that means you are unique, do weird things just mean you're different than the others, so weird is not bad at all, maybe you feel bad for that, but In my opinion, you just special , but seriously no one is completely normal, somehow we all weird in a different way.

  • Very Helpful. xx

    • Lol, yes you are, I totally agree with ya!

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    • I do feel cold from the inside, but maybe I just Introverted and less talk, Idon't know.

    • I think being on Gag it will help a lot, hun. xx

  • I consider myself open-minded, honest, spontaneous, stubborn and sadly kind of selfish

    • You sounds pretty good to ya and don't worried everyone is selfish, you're not the only one lol. Human is selfish

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