Why do people say that dominance, in ANY situation (meaning not just dating/marriage), has a direct relationship with caring when it doesn't?

It always confused the hell out of me. Here's what I've noticed:

-The person in a relationship/friendship that cares less gets the most say.

-In an argument or debate, the one who cares less about the other's feelings and excuses wins.

-In the bedroom, the person who cares less about the desires of his/her partner gets away with more.

-People who only care about getting higher up in life are more willing to manipulate and intimidate to do so.

But people always say that NOT being dominant is apathetic. I'm not getting their thought process.

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  • Dominance is a personality trait. You're confusing this with something else. What exactly are you trying to get at?
    Your bulletpoints are moreorless valid, but so what?
    Dominance is also called control - some are more wired for leadership, some more to follow. Also has to do with confidence.
    In MBTI the 'J' trait will tend to want control - this type likes order, organization, planning, to be in control of the situation. Whereas the 'P' is more spontaneous, organization is optional, they view the J as rigid, structured, a neat-freak.

    • People always say that not caring about someone isn't being dominant. But, the way I see it, you can only be dominant when you don't give a fuck. That's what I'm getting at.

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  • ı dnt get them too

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