Would there be no problem if no one is "ugly" or should I say insecure?

You people complain "girls don't date me im so ugly" "guys never ask me out im so ugly"

Like wtf, is that the base line whether you are attractive?

Even if you are attractive, not every will see you that way

And there are more qualities in you to be attractive not just on looks and those things are important because it will never fade

Don't listen to someone telling you, when you know it's wrong

  • Yes. That is so unfair, i wanna be the hottest, sexiest person on earth !
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  • No. Im blessed with hot genes ! Thank god im not tossed in a condom.
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  • Yes at some point.
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  • No it shouldn't be like that.
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I know this should not be on "sexual behavior" but i can't change it to "other"


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  • The ugliest thing, as in the least attractive thing, is a person who cannot see even one good thing in themselves. I don't say that in an accusatory way, I say that in the sense that if you cannot find anything good about yourself then how do you expect anyone else to? How does a product sell in a store? Does it always have to be the best product in the store? No, it just has to be branded and marketed right. Some of the most mainstream products that we consume are far from the highest quality and yet they sell in the millions. They have a niche which they are brilliant in exploiting. There is a niche for all of us if we can just find the strength to sell the best parts of us. We all have something good, literally everyone. Even the absolute worst of people in history had good qualities, they just chose to run with the bad ones.


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  • There will always be problems, but I do think people would be on more of an even playing field if everyone was conventionally attractive.

    -Being attractive makes it easier to make friends when you are younger which helps build confidence and social skills

    -People are more likely to make positive assumptions about you and perceive your personality traits as being better than they would if you were average or ugly.

    -Teachers and parents have been shown to favor better looking students / children.

    -You're more likely to get hired/promoted and tend to make more money on average.

    -And it is obvious that they have a major advantage when it comes to sex and dating.

    I think physical appearance plays a much bigger role in determining who you can date than personality does. Its more of a limiting factor, you're probably better off being hot with a mediocre personality than you are being ugly with a great personality.

  • If every girl looked like a movie star, we would find subtle differences that would become more important and girls who look like Chloe Sevigny might be called "ugly" and girls who look like Kristen Bell might be called "mediocre."

  • Blaming your physical exterior outside of your control is so much easier than introspecting and realizing that the reason why nobody likes you is your actions thought behavior and personality, rather than your looks

  • I chose the first option but I don't whine that it's unfair. Learn from the best to be the best of the best, so I say. :)


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