Has anyone ever told you you're "too nice"?

This chick at work told me I'm "too nice" because i did one... count 1... nice thing for her. I got out of her way so she could look at a map that i was done with. Do you think that makes me "too nice"? Is it supposed to just be an insult? Like "you're being a pussy"?

I'm sure this Q has been asked already but why not again.

  • Yes. (And im not even that nice.)
  • Yes (other)
  • No (and I am nice)
  • No (other)
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  • Yes... On Here, dear.
    However, being "Nice" for me is being Polite, Diplomatic and a Straight Shooter.
    My family Tells me I am "Too Good," which Means I am a Kind Heart-ed Gift Giver with a Heart of Gold for the Young and the Old. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Haha never, I've been told I'm too coldhearted. I'm not nice and I'm not mean.

    • I'm pretty cold. But somehow that makes me 'too nice' still. I guess she would have preferred it if I grabbed her by the throat and forcibly moved her in front of the map instead of moving aside.

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  • I been told that a couple times when I was in high school. I think it's a clever way for people to say your a push over without trying to hurt your feelings.