I've been invited to a party and don't know if I should go (alone)?

I was invited to an ugly-Christmas sweater party by a classmate (I don't know her well but we sit by eachother in one of my lectures and she seems pretty nice). Her apartment is close to campus, and I know the area pretty well. One of my friends that wanted to come can't because she'll be out with family. Another friend I'd rather not depend on, as she's kind on the wild side. My roommate and I are very good friends but she's worried about feeling out of place/awkward, especially since she isn't from the US. I'm hoping she'll come with me but right now it looks like she may not. The party starts at 9:30. I'd really like to go because it'll be a great way to get out of my bubble and meet people, but am anxious about going to my second college party, first time being alone (and I live in a safe area, but the walk back is a 10 minute walk and you never know). If I decide to not go, how do I politely decline? I said yes and I do want to go, but this concerns me.. and she said that she plans for 23 guests.


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  • Go. You'll be happy you did. Get out of your comfort zone. College is all about exploring and meeting new people. Who knows your future husband could be there. If you are uncomfortable then leave. Be safe and have fun.


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  • Just go, worst case scenario you're not feeling it and you leave.

    • you have a very soft definition of "worst case scenario"

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    • oh thank christ... Asker has a brain

    • @Gommers Haha, yes, thankfully.

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  • You should go, for all the reasons you said, plus you told her you would.

  • If you do go, alone or not, I suggest calling someone on your way home so you can feel a bit safer, or maybe have the girl drive you home once things are cleaned up a bit? If not, you can just tell her that you don't feel well, or you can tell her your worries.

    • Good ideas. Thank you.