Does my mother not believe me or think I'm lying?

My mother once told me that when a person who has less status than another person tries to say something bad about that person, no one believes them, they think they're saying it out of jealousy.

It surprised me. By that logic, corrupt people would never be held responsible for anything because most corrupt people have had loads of status.

Today when I told her about stuff my aunt did, after a point she started yelling at ME saying, "If my brother doesn't care why do you? SHE is the one who made all the food," and some other nonsense.


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  • I don't believe anybody is higher or lower status than anybody else

    • She does. And I think a large part of it is because my father who has a lot of status, used to treat her pretty badly.

      She even told me once, "Why I tolerated all this from your father, because he had better education than me."

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    • But why does she pass on that negativity to me? It's one thing to feel low about herself it's another one to actively put me down which she does every single day.

    • Because putting others down is her way of building herself up

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  • Your mum is wrong. Her beliefs are based on her own experiences, not fact and that isn't a fact in the world.

    • The really interesting thing, is that she has no real education to brag of. Which makes me wonder, there are tonnes of times that my father has treated her horribly and he is pretty well educated compared to her.

      She of all people should be the first one to realize people are not innocent.