Did this guy think I'm not his level?

This guy, who I went to school with, I saw him a long time after and avoided him. He took revenge on me by making me feel awful. It was very disrespectful.

I confronted him and he said it wasn't him. He said it convincing enough for me to believe him.

I ended it with a brief hint of a message that even though I'm agreeing with him I know it was him.


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  • that guy just took revenge

    • Of course. He came back to the same spot I avoided him that was not coincidental. But when I confronted him it was 2-3 months later and he sounded pretty sincere when he said it wasn't him.

      I mean I had trouble believing he could just forget about something like that but he sounded pretty indifferent/honest.

    • i think it a part of his revenge plan

What Girls Said 1

  • I think yes, I think he thought that.