Nothing went my way. Is this scenario a mess and bad?

So I was waiting outside my class 3 min before the bell rings so I can talk to my crush for the first time. I like her and she might like me back but i dont know. Anyway, the bell rung and she walked out and I said hey. She turned to me and I asked her "how was *teachers name* class today? I don't think she heard me the first time and said "what?". I said it again and this other girl I know (a friend but I'm not that close) answers me. I had no choice but to talk to her now. My crush then started to walk away and then after a couple of steps she turned around and looked at me. I had soooo many questions going through my head at that time.
1. Why did the other girl answer? Did she know that my convo was going bad so she jumped in?
2. What does my crush think of me now?
3. Why did she look back at me again after walking away?
4. Did I take an L? Lol


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  • its not a mess, it happens specially when people are with friends. just try again tomorrow. ask a different question specific to her, "hey how are you doing today"


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