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How to get over the fact that I think my crush is too good for me?

I have always been self conscious, and people always gave me reasons not to be but I can't help it. In a classroom full of girls, I compare myself to each one and in my mind I always think to myself I am nothing compared to them. I'm always called pretty, beautiful, etc... but I never think that of myself. There's a guy in the art class next to mine who's extremely attractive and I think he's genuine and I've found an interest in him about a week or two ago... My guy friends (who don't associate with him because they're all completely different) say that I shouldn't like him because he may not think the same of me. They say he talks a lot about doing things, but never does them. A liar, basically. I often look at him in the hallways unintentionally and we exchange glances every once a day. We even unintentionally match sometimes, lol. But in the end of the day it all comes down to thinking of him, and knowing that he can do way better and that he is way too good for me. My friends think i have a chance but as much as I would like it for him to like me back, I always doubt it. Any advice or similar experiences? I'm a Junior in High School.
How to get over the fact that I think my crush is too good for me?
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