If ya wanna help a girl out, that'd be great. Hookup or not?

So, I've been talking to this guy since late feb was the first time I hung out with. We've been talking since then and we occasionally hangout. I wanna say the third time we hung out we hooked up and now when we hangout we usually always hook up. Anyways, it just doesn't feel like a hook up anymore. When he first asked he just said we should hook up. When we hangout we usually always talk about anything and everything really and then before anything physical happens he will start to rub my shoulders, kiss my cheeks, we goof around, tickles me etc... and we will just lay there and cuddle for awhile before actually doing anything. Usually he asks during the whole sex part how I like this and that. Afterwards we will cuddle and again lay there. Well, our last hookup there was actual time where i spent time with his friends before and after until I left to go and that doesn't really happen. I don't know where I'm going with this, I just can't help but think that this doesn't feel like a normal hookup, we don't go out on any dates or anything like that and he has told me that he likes to hangout/be around me, he's like 1.5 hrs away from me and I have hooked up with someone before who only hit me up whenever he wanted some. This is completely different and I'm a confused female. I also never asked what he wanted because I kind of assumed he didn't want anything more than a hookup and I'm a little bitch and I'm afraid to ask, plus I know he talks to other girls. Anyways I just need someone to un-confuse me, hah. Thanks.


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