Should I get a second dog?

I work at the humane society, so I'm entitled to a free adoption. There's a dog I used to work with who I just found out is still in the shelter after a month. I don't know why she's still there; she's young, healthy, housebroken, sweet, and very well behaved. I'm very tempted to go get her.

- I love her.

- She's a pit bull, so it'll be hard to find a place to live that'll accept her.
- I work a lot and have just enough free time for my existing dog.
- My bed isn't big enough for two large dogs plus myself. :P

I've always loved pit bulls and planned on owning them someday, but the plan was to wait until I own a house or something (since most landlords discriminate). I think I could pass this dog off as a hound mix potentially, but I'd really rather not lie on my lease if I can help it.
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What Guys Said 2

  • no.. wait till you get a house..

  • stick to the plan please.


What Girls Said 1

  • I own two put bulls and got them registered as emotional support dogs, landlords can't turn you down because of the breed if it's registered as one. Just a little fyi.
    But anyway I say go for it, it's probably still there because of it's breed in all honesty. I love my pits and so do my kids but the do like to hog my pillow/blankets so I moved a couch into my room that they could sleep on 😐
    Good luck with your decision❤️

    • How do you register them? Do you have a medical condition? I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, so it wouldn't be a stretch for me.

      So if I registered the pit bull, does that mean I should also register my existing dog (beagle mix)? Thanks for your help!

    • You can do it online for like 50 bucks. Anyone can do it medical condition or not but I got mine registered because of my anxiety. I can't be alone so that's why they're here (:
      The eagle isn't necessary to register. I didn't have my corgi registered and no one bothered to ask❤️

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