My girlfriend's period is driving her nuts. Please help?

Like she's in massive pain. Her skin is whiter than white can get, she's sweating an insane amount, she's throwing up from feeling nauseous, and is extremely tired 24/7. She says this usually doesn't happen during them, but will the odd time. Is this normal during periods? Like I'm a guy so I obviously don't know lol.

But seriously, what does she do and what do I do? She can't take anything but tylenol because she's extremely allergic to almost every medication that's similar like advil, motrin, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc because her face will swell up and her throat will close in.

No she's not overweight where the sweating could come from that. She weighs 108lbs max and is 5.2ft tall. Please help because she's been like this since Thursday when she said her period began. Can she eat/drink a certain thing to help?

She tried calling the doctor to make an appointment, and for whatever reason they're all booked and the earliest appointment available is on the 6th of may

any ideas on what to do?


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  • Is she on any form of birth control? That could be messing with her hormones.

    Could you keep ringing the doctors for an emergency ccancellation? because that doesn't sound normal

    Sorry I can't be of much help. I hope it's sorted soon.

    • No she's not, she's still a virgin

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  • I don't know anything about periods and stuff like that. However I just hope both of you are doing fine.


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  • It is rather normal to go through something like that during a period. Not everyone experiences it, but still pretty common. The vomiting is due to her being nauseated and in pain.

    As far as how long her periods are lasting, is she on any birth control?

    Could she possibly be pregnant? (This can happen even if she did get her period)

    • No she's not on birth control, she's still a virgin like myself

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    • Thanks

    • But there's not much to do for help I guess

  • Period last for 5-6 days. Its not like a long lasting for weeks. She will be back to normal in a week. Everyone goes through some pain sometimes during a period. But if the pain last longer than 3 days, then yes go see a doctor

    • Hers last about 10 days on average though? She says about 1.5 weeks, which is about 10 days?

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    • @audrey_aisha ok. so for the hot towel, she just sets that on her abdomen and where her uterus would be located? how long does she do this for at a time?

    • Yes she can also put it on her lower back. Every 10-15 minutes I'd say and then wait 5-10 minutes after and rinse it with more Hot water and do that for another 10-15 minutes. You can do this as much as you want and in that 5-10 minute wait she can do the stretches.
      (and make sure you get as much water out of the towel as possible)
      Hopefully this helps her.
      This will relax the muscles.

  • Saltine cracker's can help with her feeling nauseous.
    She should be drinking a lot of water.
    She can stretch
    She can also do the same thing as the picture but with her hugging pillows.
    Put heat on her stomach and back at the same time.
    If you don't have any water bottles or heating packs you can use two towels and rinse them with very hot water it might burn your hands while your rinsing it with the hot water but it works and then you get as much water out of the towels as you can.
    I hope this helps


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