How is my view towards love?

If I start liking/loving a guy friend or a person, I won't ask him out quickly. I would be eager to meet him everyday, I would smile at him a lot, I would always listen to what he says, I would share my interests with him, I would give him affectionate gestures like ruffling his hair, patting his head, smiling, complimenting him (no, I won't like to have sex... because, the main thing is emotional intimacy, not physical), pointing out his positive traits and helping him working on his negative traits. I would encourage him to be the best and if he is backing off in a situation, I would cheer him up and force him to fight back the almost impossible situation to him. I would want him to win. I would support him in good things and I would not support him in wrong things and will surely explain why he feels that way. If he dislikes something about me, I would adjust myself a little and try to improve myself and learn from him. I would show him that I love him instead of telling or saying. In other words, I believe in sticking to one person till the death. I would always protect him from anything and I would never leave his side. Why? Because I love him.
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