Some thoughts on the quote on quote "bullying" that Eminem went through that left him in a coma?

I'm operating under the assumption that most people are familiar with Em making a song about how a bully of his beat him so badly that he was left in a coma for some time?

When I first heard about this, I didn't think too much of it. Pretty much just "hmm, poor guy," and that was that.

However, I find it hard to imagine someone inflicting that kind of damage on another person 'just because.' I don't believe a bully would beat someone up that brutally for the sole purpose of 'good fun.' That sort of thing doesn't happen to people (in that context) unless they have it coming.

I mean, I can't possibly be the only person who just isn't buying into this whole "victim" thing surrounding Em in regards to that incident.


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  • It's actually pretty comen but I don't like rap so I dident here it I can defend myself pretty we'll so I was never really beat on just because the lasts school I went to tried to punch me that ended with me grabbing his fist flipped him on the ground with my knee in his spine and him not able to move I told don't ever try and hit me or next time I'll hurt u let go and ate lunch in the class room he spent the rest of the week trying to make me fight

    • Not something I expected from you but okay.

    • I'm pretty shy an avoid people and I'm scared of people and I'm pretty much a I'm not going to fight but every now and then somone pushes me over the edge and I'm not going to let somone beat the shit out of me just because they want 2 I probably won't do anything unless you try to hurt me or my family

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  • I don't know the real story but 2 observations:

    • Sorry for extra post... just one punch can put someone in the hospital or kill them unlike in movies where that never happens. And some people do attack others for no reason. It is hard to wrap your mind around until you see it happen yourself. Let's say you're right and E lied. The 'bully' is free to tell a different story and if others back that story it would be out there. So see if it is or not

    • We've all done it lol..

      I'll look into it.

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  • Have you never heard about how people have been killed by their bully? a group of people against an outcast? How they lured them into the woods and killed them? There's tons of incidents if you do just a quick search.. um there's a program called 'killer kids' that list several- some of which are from decades ago.

    Eminem survived and many who are picked often don't. He's not trying to pull a card, he's trying to raise awareness.

    This is the school my mom went to..
    Its not a victim card..

  • Then you've never been in Detroits public schools as a white kid.


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