What advice do you have for someone moving in with their partner?

I'm moving in with my boyfriend this summer and I'm a little nervous about it. I don't really like to share my space or my things lol. I had one roommate in college during the first semester of freshman year and chose to live by self ever since then.

im also the only child so never really had to share if you know what I am. I'm really excited to move forward with my boyfriend but I'm also extremely anxious about living with someone.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks!


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  • You sound just like me lol I'm an only child and I do not like sharing my space or my things and like you and your boyfriend my boyfriend and I are planning for me to move into his place after I graduate college... which graduation is this Saturday lol so I am very nervous but excited to move forward with my boyfriend. My best advice amd what I am also dealing with is not to over think things. Just make sure you guys have talked about all the necessary things like if you guys are splitting rent and how finances will be covered... where your things will go in the apartment. Good luck!! :)


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