I want to definitivly know if my crush is into me. How should I ask her/find out?

so i have a crush, who may or may not like me. I honestly dont know and dont want to speculate.

I've had a crush on her for over a year and i need to know if she likes me back so i won't waste my time.

Im wondering how i should ask her?

Right now im thinking of sending her a text or something saying that i like her but if she does not like me back i would be fine with it. (Im sending her a text cause i dont want to put her in an uncomfortable position by asking her irl. If this is a bad idea, please tell me)


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  • Find something tailored to her. Try to think of something that she would find romantic or adorable or squeal-inducing. I personally would be very happy with a long time flirting and then a juvenile "I like you do you like me yes or no" note passed discreetly along from my crush.

    • How do you know what someone would find romantic or adorable?

      here's a couple of things about her:
      she's a gamer
      likes anime
      into cosplaying
      likes makeup (well actually she uses it more of as a facepaint to cosplay)

    • I would find out what games she likes, see if there are any romances or characters with huge crushes on any other characters (provided it's a game with actual story) or do the same with animes. After finding a suitable example, I'd use it as an analogy. "You know how so and so has a huge crush on blah blah? Well, imagine I'm so and so and you're blah blah."

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  • don't! girls want first move from us but, with their permission

    • what do you mean by with their permission? How will i know that i have their permission?

    • you will have to interpret their signals first. It it is 'Green 'then you can proceed safely, otherwise there may be consequences. FYI, that is why there is something called "Flirting"

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