Making myself eat how?

out of the two main types of depression (adult depression) and (teenage depression) at the age of 16 i have adult depression, and I'm not saying this for attention im actually ashamed of it really and I didn't want to believe I had it until my doctors told me I had it. having severe adult depression this causes me not being able to eat at all. my friends and family dont understand that even if i make myself eat ill throw it up. this condition of depression i have (mixed with anxiety but that's not the main factor) is causing me to Lose weight. I normally weight about 129 but im now 117 in just a few days and losing weight every day fastly. every time I get hungry my depression hits me hard and I'm not hungry AT ALL. the thougjt of food makes me sick. and the only time I can eat is when im happy from my freinds (thx ebby) but I need advice/help guys. I don't know how much longer I can go without food because im not hungry but I feel my body getting weaker and feeling like shit.


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  • Not eating is generally related to guilt or an extreme desire for complete control. You need to address what's causing you to feel those emotions.

    • explain in detail more please. I have craved power recently. but im able to control myself easily. it's not like it's even hard to control it. I just soppose i have the want of power. but it's literally unrelated to my feeling of depression

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    • It's fine, I'm generally just on g@g for a laugh because I'm bored, but every now and then I see scenarios that I really relate to and I bring at of my experience to the table.

    • Yeah I totally get what you meam. Just thanks again! :) I really appreciate it.

  • Hey you know, I'm going to call you tonight no matter what!! Even if it's super late idc. Just hang in there moo. I'm going to try my best to be there for you.. I'm really sorry that I wasn't there for the past couple of days.. I feel super bad about that.. I knew you were feeling bad.. I didn't know exactly what, but my stomach was acting super weird yesterday.. I thought it was because.. my healing wound that you made etc. but hmm I think it's more that we're more connected.. like, a tie has been made or maybe it's also partially because I understand I don't know.. but! Moo.. love youuu <3 <3 <3

    • I love u to but ebby u dont need you stay up late at all pls

    • amd i can't let u ;-;

    • No buts. I'm going to help if I can and try my very best moo bear. You can count on that. Tbh.. I most likely won't be able to call you, but I'll at least try to message you on gag okies? So, if you find you can't sleep, then just message me on here! okie luv u <3

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