Chances v. Learning Experiences?

Scenario: John Doe was given the opportunity to run a fortune 500 company. He has no experience. He only has limited knowledge. He was placed there by a the Board Of Directors who had a certain influence.

Some of the CEOs satellite corporate offices all over the world are peeved by his lack knowledge. Many of the co-workers, who have faith in this person, believe that the present way the company was going, was wrong according to a small minority. Wrong in the fact that they weren't being heard. The worker productivity was good, but not in their eyes. Wasn't to their standard, they were also unhappy with the salary they were getting. Granted it put 4 squares and a roof over their head, they wanted more money for the hours they worked, granted the production and work hours were the same.

He has the knowledge in doing the job to some. In fact to many in the other satellite countries he is doing an excellent job.

Can a CEO or President of a Fortune 500 Company require any experience to run a company such as that have general or working knowledge of a company, or just run the company as he seems fit since production is at a good pace, but can do better, or trim the fat of some satellite companies to streamline the company more?


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  • To run any company efficiently you must have knowledge about it. You wouldn't go take exam without knowing what it's about.


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  • he should actually know how the company works to be able to run it


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