Do you think not many or many people find their soulmate the first time?

like do you think many people marry the first person they've dated, or does it usually take more than one person to think and know they're the right one for you?
  • i think many people find their soulmate the first time dating somebody
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  • i don't think many do. may take a few partners to find him/her
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What Guys Said 2

  • I found my wife first. Michelle.
    Then I found my soul-mate. America.

    • you live in UK lmao

    • I moved, I did my 8 years. I would prefer to live in the country with shit teeth than one with an orangutan as president.

    • Lmao and I don't care about the US cuz I live in Canada lol

  • doubt anyone finds a well suiting partner straight away


What Girls Said 1

  • I dont really believe in love. I still dont understand what love is..

    Like i have had high school exs and stuff but ONLY seen them at school, like NEVER hung out with them outside of school. So i wouldn't count them as anything.. Haha like i did NOTHING with them at all... closest thing would be hug.. i didn't even kiss them...

    And the boyfriend i have now.. went out in October 2016 and im 19 turning 20 and he's 18 turning 19. And already it feels like we've been going out for years! And i love him and he loves me and respects me... and we already talking about the future. And he's the one i did everything with and got me out of comfort zone which helped haha. Lost my V plates, first kiss, make out, cuddling etc.

    So i think it does take a few to find the one.. but be careful because there are a lot of fuckboys and fuckgirls out there. I guess im lucky to not get anyone like that.


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