Isn't this considered cheating also?

I am in college and during tests some students would cheat by either using their cells or asking others around for the answers when the teacher is not looking. People in the class are complaining that there are cheaters in the class because they use their cell phones but those same ones complaining are asking people around for answers as well but they do not consider themselves cheating because they only asked one or two questions compared to the ones who are using their cell phones for the whole test. My question : Isn't it cheating both ways wether you use your cell phone to cheat or if you ask a friend around for the answer? Opinions please !


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  • Yes it is all considered cheating but what the hell is wrong with these teachers? We weren't allowed having cell phones on us during exams nor a bookbag underneath the desk and the teachers would walk up and down the aisles checking on us.


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