What do you know about trains?

there's only four. FOUR that come and go from my town. One at 8.00 one at 1.17. And who cares about the other two they dont get you anywhere in a timely manner.
The 1.17 might as well be called the 1.30 plus 1hr because its always 15 minutes late and almost always has random delays.

And not only is the timetable shit but we get that one train that shouldn't even be in commision still. The carriages are terrible. The only upside to them is that they have curtains so you dont have to look at the muck on the windows. Its not like you can see through it to the scenery anyway.

Why is it that we only get 4 trains? Can youanswer that for me? I only live a 2 hour train ride from the capital of my state so its not like im out of the way or anything and its a damn good size population in my town and those surrounding. We dont even have the cards available to use that everywhere else does. We still have to buy tickets!


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  • Don't ever say that you like them, unless you love ironic death.

    • I dont like them. I hate public transport but until i get my full license this is the kind of bull i have to put up with.

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