Stereo types have way to much control. How do you feel about All the Stereo Types living in the generation of millennials? Give examples if you can?

unlike the past gens we millennials think about our daily lives and future. when we think about working aka your place in business , making friends aka social life. most of us barely have the time or pleasure let alone the ability to do so. Social media aka social groups ( ugh), Dating and relationships which all seem so fickle etc. little do we realize we think all of this is daily, weekly, yearly.
Then we have the stereo types that control more than what people realize.
Those stereo Types are alive and still misleading people in my opinion. Any examples or opinions.


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  • I don't believe in stereotypes.

    • you don't have too believe in something that effects multiple class of people. They were made way before we were even thought of.
      Words and ideas create things that people normally wouldn't believe. Not believing in something that does exists is the equivalent turning a blind eye.

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    • im not saying you are the term it self is. i just learned the term15 mins ago honestly. i felt bad cause i asked a white guy. people are laid back so why question those who arent? ( please its rhetorical) . with everyone constantly dishing out stereo types like free samples at meat market. its hard to recognize how often its in front of use. as black man i still haven't herd them all. some can be funny, crude even foul. i thank you for your feed back, you taught me something which more than i could ask for.

    • All I'm saying is relax a little.

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  • stereotyping is a necessary evil. No one is smart enough to know everyone individually. And even if anyone was, no one would have the time to do it. Stereotyping is the process of taking the "average" of a group, and projecting that on the whole group. In general, this is harmless, as when you meet an individual in that group, you can easily modify your opinion of that individual in terms of perturbations about that average. I would say this is practically a tribal instinct inherent in anyone who has a basic curiosity about the behavior of others.

    But the problem with stereotypes is that they can be tampered with. It's too easy to mislead people through media that shows a non-random sample - "news" can be biased to construct an average that is inaccurate, and often is. It's too easy to create a threat when there is none, or exaggerate a threat when there is. And when people feel threatened, they are easy to manipulate.


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  • Why do you think past generations don't think about their daily lives and futures? I have to say that line is the best millennial example ever. Thinking it's all about them. Everyone thinks these things. You're generation is no more special than any other. There is no millennial revolution coming. Especially as millennials won't work for it... which is the biggest stereotype of that generation especially in the professional world. Stop dreaming and start working...


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