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Ok so i failed the 8th grade because of homeschooling complications.
Not because i wasn't smart enough, just because of homeschooling compilations.
My sister being the butthole she is thought it was funny.

Shy laughed and teased me all year..
She was in the 9th grade i was in the 8th...
she has teased and made fun of me about it ever since...

Now im in the 10th and she is in the 12th, she was supposed to graduate this year, but because of the amount of days she missed, she failed.
im going to the 11th. and she will be in the 12th, now because of he program im using i may be able to catch up and graduate with her, but its going to take dedication that i don't have.

So... im not going to get my hopes up.

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  • doesn't matter

    I would feel bad for your sister rather than feeling it's karmic. she is your sister n you should be her support system.

    I was a classic toper through out my life... topped my states in 12th

    in my masters , I flunked a year n I thought my brothers will tease me but they were sooo supportive n sweet n loving. I wasn't the best sister though I wasn't a asshole but I used to call them dumb. thier actions made me realize they are my little gems.


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