Lets play the Donald Trump game, you have 150 characters to say the dumbest government decision you make of the legislative branch were ur slaves?

In light of him complaining that he wants to shut the government down because people aren't doing exactly what he tells them. The idea is to try to match his tweet stupidity
I want to hire Bernie madoff as the head of fort knox security


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  • "The idea is to try to match his tweet stupidity" It's going to take me a lot of beers to get down to that level...

    • Here's a sober attempt: "I can't understand all the smart people, so whatever they say must be fake news"

    • "Math is hard!" Oh, wait, that wasn't Trump.
      Oh, I know! "I am not a crook". Aww sh! t, wrong again.

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  • "We need more people like Adolf Hitler in the government. He was a great leader who helped his country thrive."

  • Ya know Native Americans are a lot better off now. I think they ought to be thanking Andrew Jackson.


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  • I'm looking for his tweet about appointing Teresa Manning who doesn't believe in contraception to oversee the federal contraception program. We can't beat him at dumbness.

  • Your asking for me to become worse then trump... waffles I'm smart dammit

  • Being Donald Trump's slave would be my honor.

  • The irony is that those who chant and tweet “Love Trumps Hate” are not standard-bearers of that first emotion. Was the Women’s March, organized by a pro-sharia law activist, about love? Was the UC Berkeley riot about love? Were the Antifa brats swinging their fists at “Nazis” done in the name of love? Did Snoop Dogg recently shoot a mock Donald Trump in a music video out of pure love? Think not.
    For these leftist insurgents, hate boils down to any views that oppose their own. Their version of hate trivializes the real hatred of, say, deceptive state propaganda (“MTV New Years Resolutions For White People”, anyone?). Love, on the other hand, is their excuse to smash windows, set fires, and call for martial law while claiming you are on the right end of the moral spectrum.

    • Lol, Antifa is tiny and about as well regarded by most liberals ad the westboro Baptist church is most republicans,
      Snoop Dogg is a rapper, trump is the one who implied Hillary could be stopped via assassination, and talked about being able to shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and not lose votes,
      Holding the president to a lower standard than an entertainer is fucked up.
      And what about all those klansmen marching in the streets in celebration after trumps victory, or what about those morons who openly said they wished they could lunch obama, or the morons who are do racist they cling to the delusion obama was born in Africa because he's black

    • And yes, that asshole Nazi who got punched on camera had it coming.
      Openly talking about ethnic cleansing being a good thing

    • Obama is as much white as he is black and he's not an African American.
      The kkk leaders are paid by their paymasters the democrats to show support for Trump. Think about it Trump's daughter is Jewish, Trump employs blacks and Jews into high office.
      Westboro Baptist church has 40 members not thousands worldwide acting lile nazi brownshirts, they protest peacefully and they hate everyone who isn't them, the only people who ever oppose them are conservatives.
      That Antifa girl had it coming for throwing bottles and assaulting people.

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