For those that weigh 165 pounds or less would you do this for 400 million? , for those that don't, would you do this for 400 million dollars?

For those that weigh 165 pounds or less... Drink 60 liters of water in one sitting

For those that don't weigh 165 pounds or less would you for400 million

1. Let the top 10 boxers in the world punch you in the face with all their might, with brass knuckles back to back while tied to a wall.

2. Let someone inject you with the SARS, Ebola, and mad cow disease virus.
3. Dunk your whole head with no eye protection or head protection in a pool of lye, bleach and gasoline for 3 minutes

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What Girls Said 2

  • People would drown if they drank that much

  • no and if I weighed 165 or more the 1st one.


What Guys Said 1

  • ok first of all, the first one is impossible physically and if you did manage to drink that much water (you can't) you would die of water poisoning.
    2nd: Just ONE punch from a boxer using brass knuckles and all their might would definitely kill you especially since brass knuckles allow the wearer to punch as hard as they want without worrying about their hand breaking.
    3rd: Fucking obviously you would die in a week
    4: You can't hold your breath for that long and gasoline/bleach/lye are sting solvents that would guarantee death if inhaled into lungs.

    The choices are pointless. all result in guaranteed death.


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