Why should New York State keep the age of criminal responsibility at age 16 instead of raising it to 18 ?


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  • You're still a child in mind at age 16, not an adult. Kids do stupid things, very stupid, part of growing up. I think it wrong to deal with them as though they're adults
    I'm not from America, don't know much about your laws etc but I do know punishments are very severe in comparison to sentences here in England. Does New York have the death penalty? If so could a 16 year old be sentenced to death if they'd killed?

    • No... NY does not have the death penalty. They sentence people to life in prison for extremely hateful crimes. A minor (someone under the age of 18) would get a life sentence only in extremely rare situations - almost never.

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    • Being executed is my biggest fear, the concept terrifies me, even had nightmares about being led to the chamber to die (although I've never actually died in the dream, always wake up before it happens) I've followed a lot of capital cases from around your country. Executions gone wrong in particular. I'd much rather hang than be killed by lethal injection. Created for a humane, peaceful, painless death but has so much potential to go wrong, cause an agonising end. The irony. It's even worse now states are struggling to get the correct drugs, so instead use drugs they deem sufficient, but they're not, and the guy suffers. Capital punishment ia something your country is known for, long history with it, but your people still haven't thought up a reliable, humane way to dispatch the condemned

    • In the US, you don't get a death sentence for unpaid parking tickets. If you get that, its because you murdered someone - on purpose - in some devious or hateful manner - and usually showed virtually zero remorse.

      As for the method and pain of prisoner execution, you'll find a bunch of people in the US could care less how much pain they're in, considering the pain they caused their victim (s) and the family. Personally, I have zero problem with hanging, firing squad, lethal injection, electrocution, cyanide gas, snake poison or even burning them. If it takes an hour for them to die, so be it. They didn't give their victim any chances either. So don't expect any sympathy from me about their method of death.

      If you fear that, then my strong recommendation is don't go around murdering anyone. That fear is PART of the deterrence and reason for a death penalty.

  • Why? Do you know the difference between right and wrong? A 6yr old knows that lying is wrong, that stealing is wrong, and especially that murder is wrong. They know that breaking someone else's stuff is wrong.

    So why should a 16yr old who is as technologically savvy to figure out a cell phone can't seem to understand that either?

    A 16yr old may not totally figure out how to avoid peer pressure, but they sure as hell KNOW what's going on is right or wrong! They certainly understand what vandalism is, and what it means to bully someone. They totally know that murder is wrong. Sorry. Not buying the fact they can't understand that stuff.

  • Because 16 year olds keep murdering people.


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