If everyone on earth was the same size and had the same temper level would there be less fights? Kids learn bullying from TV and adults right?

I think so people would only bully in situations where they have the authority over another (You know police, Boss at a workplace, etc) , because the majority of humans are cowards and would only provoke someone smaller than them, they wouldn't DARE provoke someone that's their match. Kids learn bullying from TV and adults because adults do it all the time because a lot are cowards
  • I would only provoke someone smaller and weaker than myself, I would never provoke anyone that matched up evenly with me
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  • I would fight someone my size , but i wouldn't provoke them like i would someone smaller than me or someone i had authority over
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lol I guess people can't handle this question.
lol cowards


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  • They would still bully


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  • Fight is a natural response for protection Of teritory or belongings. One who says fighting is a coward action either watches to much CNN or doesn't know about it.

    • I'm not talking about fighting naturally, I'm talking about provoking a fight because one is bigger and has a advantage over someone or has a position of authority that's the coward action

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    • Never said bullying was going to stop at all I know its not there's too many cowards on earth for that and there's cowards born everyday I just said if everyone was the same size and had the same temper level their would be less fights than they are NEVER said fighting would stop completely.

    • Yeah, you're right. But, if all people are of same stature. Maybe people will create groups. And big group will bully small group?

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