What are things to talk about when meeting someone for the first time?

We know some things about each other, I don't want to make it into an interview I am nervous this will be my first time meeting someone.


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  • Well that can be tough if your mind is racing. You fist need a cool head and not be judgmental. We as humans look at a persons body language and think it's over cause they showed signs of boredom. We analyze every detail. So just relax. Now after that. You worry about what he likes and don't likes and ask him open ended questions that that'll get the brain flowing.
    " If I were to set up a party, what do you think we'd do if you were there?"

    Mostly your setting the tone and/or role play. Get him into you and you also show interest.

    Don't be too emotional not over think it. This were a lot of girls become turn offs. They over think stuff and go. Back to what they know. 10/10 all they know is what society or friends feed them. Which is bad cause everybody is different. Phew! Done.


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