Am I doomed to fail?

I have no intention of finishing school or going to college At all. I still am more open minded and informed than literally everybody I know in real life and most online people I know. I can have deep debates and talk about the universe and sceince and history and literally almost anything that holds intellectual value. do I have a shot in life? or will I be thrown into the trash bin because I don't agree with our broken schooling system or want to take place in a rip off known as college. I honestly don't care to a high degree and my expectations are low. best in my opinion ill keep a job at dollar general. and that would be a better alternative to me than going to college or continue school


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  • finish school, just complete your exams to prove to future employers that you're not dumb then find an entry level job in a good company and work your way up, I'm sure it'll turn out just fine ☺

  • you can start your own things like YouTube channel or stuff

    also I would advise you to finish your schooling, etc... backing out from a tough situation will make you the same later in other parts of your life.

    • how do i do tht?

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  • Don't know which place you are from, but why don't you give a shot to entrance exams for defence, special police and stuff.
    You might find it interesting. Not everyone is cut out for regular jobs.
    Or you can open up your own little business if you hav that kind of money and support.
    You can also work as freelance coder or web developer. Learn from the internet, make some your own projects and let your work speak for you.


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