If you think you're tall, how tall are you?

We need to know the tallest girl and guy on gag so if you think you're tall share your height with us


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  • 5 feet 6... pretty average I think

    but in my country, among girls, I tilt towards tall

    • Yeah for an Indian girl you are quite tall.
      How tall are most of your Female friends?
      Tall sisters?

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    • my 6 feet 2 tall sister is a Tamil is pretty normal. her family had a tough time finding a good boy.

      my other taller sister is a Bengali n most my Bengali sisters are self-centered n a little over confident but I won't say they are bad humans.

      well , only one friend of mine is a Punjabi; rest are from different states.

      I don't stay at one place. I hop around places a lot. but mostly Delhi.

      i don't think they are rude towards them but we do feel bad that we have a shorter pool of guys to choose from. I wish we lived in a country that had taller guys.

    • Even you feel sorry for yourself because you are born a tall woman in a country filled with short men?
      You abhor short men? They are absolutely disgusting creatures? Oh , well many men are tall as well. at least a girl of your height shouldn't have trouble finding a man who is taller than you. Yeah 5'10 plus girls would have tough time finding significantly taller men.
      So, your family is a mixed culture?
      6'2 girl got married? Good. How tall is her husband?
      How tall do you generally want your man to be?
      One thing, would you and other taller ladies tall to a 5'1 man in a normal friendly manner?

Most Helpful Guy

  • 6'1 actually just 6 coz a one inch added by the shoes i wear


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  • 6'4"

  • 6'3"

  • 1,75-176cm. kinda normal height for a guy

  • I am short
    5 foot


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