I'm always worry, this is why and what I do. *No question mark for this question?

*This is my own opinion
Girls tend to worry a lot compare to guys. We couldn't have fun like guys, cause we see dangerous that guys couldn't see. We are insecure but the insecurity had made us like crazy people who jealous easily and annoying. It's not that we don't control the feelings but we couldn't stop getting the feelings. Well, maybe not everyone, maybe there's only me who think so.

I'm a girl who worry a lot. Even though I don't show it in my face, I feel it in my heart. I always think of the worst thing that could happen and that's why, I always try to avoid it.

When I am few years younger, I always wondered why my mom is so worry. Now, I feel it. You couldn't stop the feelings from popping up, cause you don't want to lose any one of them...

The fear of losing is what human fear the most, like me, I couldn't stop worrying. All I do is try my best from the thing happened, if I see danger ahead, I'll try to stop them. But I know I couldn't stop, all I could do is hope the thing will not be as bad as what I think and tell myself to think positive.

Like my dad, he will go working oversea for few days almost every month. I couldn't said no cause I know he is earning money for us. All I do is I will wish him having a safe trip everytime he goes.

Actually this is not a question either. I just want to vent. And how do you stop worrying? I do hope you will share your opinion down there. Thanks for reading my long post.

*No negative comments please


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  • Maybe I don't know. I think everyone worries a lot, including guys. I mean, I don't think that everyone worries about the same things and there are certainly concerns that are more gender-based, but as a female, I don't think you necessarily have a grasp of what worries men. For example, at your age I was in college and I was in an engineering program. At competitive schools, those pre-engineering classes are really tough. Like, you get highly conceptual questions on exams that are nothing like the questions you did in homework or in class and at times, you wonder if the professor forgot to teach you something when actually it's a test of whether or not you really understand the concept as opposed to just regurgitating from rote memory.

    Anyway, if you can imagine there are many males and females who struggle in these classes and get failing grades. Do you know what happens to the failing females? Typically, they switch majors to something like psychology where you have zero earning potential. You know what the males do? They push on because they don't have that out. Sometimes they get through it and sometimes they don't. I saw this break numerous males in college where they stop going to class altogether and just sleep in their dorm rooms all day because they feel worthless.

    I mean, that's just one example. I'm sure you have concerns that men don't have but at your age, your life is in such flux that I would expect at least 90% of the people in your age group to be insecure and have worries.

  • Hmm... u know u r mostly like me... i worry a lot... and the same when my parents are away i always wish god keep them safe... so its not guy or girl... uk whats funny, i am worried when i see a cute girl... that why i am alone. whats worse than this. Its just how u perceive the world nothing else... be positive and everything will be good... i assure u...

  • I fully understand the dangers associated with things, I just tend not to acknowledge them because they have a low probability of occurring


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