Was my teacher mad at me?

So I'm 24 and I have bad studying habits to an extent even though I'm smart.

I asked this teacher who I'm taking a professional course with (not university) how I can better my study habits/learn the material.

She was nice, but I know she is coming from a good family and very smart, hence I felt a bit wary. Like I hope she isn't judging me sort of wary.

I know it's not her job to teach me how to study better as I'm not 5 years old


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  • Not a very good teacher if they don't want to help a student
    It's her job to help you with your studies (she is your teacher), if she judges you, go find a better teacher.

    I have a lecturer whom I regularly send essays to (that I write on my own time), he marks them by the end of the day.
    Amazing dude

  • she should be willing to help you


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