What's the one thing you are most embarrassed about?

it can be anything as long as it was something that maybe had a life long affect on you and maybe even changed you as a person.


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  • My mom.. not that I am embarrased at her

    but everytime I have friends, bosses or guys interested in me, she brings up all these things from the past as a joke but its embarrassing. Its had a life long effect on me where I dread even having friends over.

    • well yeah that kinda sums up most of the moms out there, but I believe that maybe when she's telling you all those stories it's possible that somewhere she's trying her best to make sure that you don't end up doing the same mistakes (if any) that she might have done in the past and just wants to see you happy. I don't know, just a thought maybe 😅

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    • woah! that's quite embarrassing for sure. I think your mom doesn't realize it's that embarrassing for you cuz for parents these kind of things are mostly considered cute and remind them of your childhood. although as for why she tells that stuff in front of others is still a mystery to me. have you told her that these things embarrass you? cuz if you have, then maybe she's just enjoying herself doing that to you I think 😅

    • @Asker, I have!! she finds it funny :( Even my bro agrees thats going to far.

  • Welcome to Gag Town.
    Having at Times, to Tell my Mom the Truth.
    Good Luck. xx


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