Do you get offended when you are sick and people act like your deathly contagious?

I've been sick for the past week with a cold. My brother's girlfriend is very clingy and very extroverted. She always is around me and it actually annoys me sometimes cause I'm an introvert and love my alone time and there are days where I mostly just want to stay home. So lately just cause I'm a little sick with a cough and sneezing she's been staying away from me. Doesn't hang out with. Is always in her room. When she hangs out it's only for like 5 minutes. So when I leave to go to my room she comes out and starts spraying the house and where I was at with Lysol. It's like she avoids me but when I'm not sick at all she is all up in my personal space, and never can just sit still she wants my attention it seems like ALL the time.
and when i talk to her it's as if i'm bugging her she doesn't even talk back that much or laugh. she just sits there with a straight face or looks as if she's uninterested in talking to me.


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  • some people have this phobia. Nothing personal, they would do it to anyone. Just ignore it.

    Get well soon. :-)


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