If the past made you who you are today and who you will be, do you regret it? Why?

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  • Not gonna lie, i hate my past and im not the person i wanted to be, still, i respect and admire myself, i lilke myself even knowing where i am today, because i know my potential.

    A great reason to be cautious about everything we do in the present.

    • Very thoughtful, reminds me of what Matthew Kelly says if you aren't happy with where your life has gone.

      Become a great decision maker.

    • Thanks man. Believe in yourself.

    • Ditto for good measure.

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What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on the person.


What Guys Said 1

  • yes I regret it because of the stupid choices I've made which made me the person I am today

    • Then you wouldn't be self-aware of your flaws that could be revisited today or the next time they arise. You wouldn't know all that you do in the world that you experienced in the past.
      Your shortcomings know no end, because they are beginnings that not many people have experienced. That's why your regrets are fruitful. That is why they shouldn't be regrets. They should be stepping stones, but that is only when you shape them into your world the way you see fit. That is what everyday people call decisions. Decisions are everything that you do and everything you think and everything you will be in every second after the other.

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    • I try to make sense.

    • You do make sense.
      You'll make a good mentor!

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