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Please!! I really need help on this?

I for the life of me, can't get the desire to talk to people in a phone call, and its driving me insane and unhappy. I can text almost all day but when it comes to calling someone, I just don't have the interest or desire to sit on the phone with dead air cause there isn't always something to talk about. I'm so blunt and straight forward, I don't like to bullsh*t about nothing, I mean I'm all into asking how your day went but after that my mind goes blank. I don't care much about local news or national news, so talking about BS current events to me is whack. I don't have much in my life going on to where I can entertain people about my day. I don't know I'm just feeling like a retard cause I don't have this desire.

Strange enough I have people I talk to that I'm interested in a relationship with, but I know nothing will get any better until I start picking up the phone and start calling. And what's worse there is one in particular I absolutely am falling for but yet I'm still having this problem with picking up the phone to talk to her. I'm making that change today but before I do I just want opinions on how to fix this or if anyone has the same problem, simply anything that can help me.

Please!! I really need help on this?
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