Why are women narrow minded?

Why is it that society want men to be 6 ft and over and women to be 5'5 and under but when it's in the middle it's a problem? Also why do women have a fixed imagination of what a guy should be? Like if ALL women want a guy who's 6ft and over where he'll be looked at as a MAN but when a guy who is 5'6 he is seen as a LESS OF A MAN? Should short guys just disappear into thin air is that what they want? But the only way a woman will get with a short guy if he's rich which is stupid and society won't pay that much money to a short guy as much as a tall guy would so what's the point? Why do girls get away with being picky about a guy's height and looks but when a guy is picky about looks and their weight it's a problem? I guess short guys should get rid of themselves because women are so superficial and narrow minded. Am I right?


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  • i have a crush on my guy friend and he's like 5'4 i like that we are almost the same height and im quite open minded i do say


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  • You want my two cents? Stop blaming society. Short men and obese women are generally unattractive to a lot of people and there's nothing you can do about that. The only difference is that obese women have the fat acceptance movement to make it politically unacceptable to admit the truth. Short men have nothing.

    The only thing worse than pretending and shaming others is wanting to be like the people that do that. Instead of wishing you could throw a successful tantrum like your baby sister you should start working on the aspects of yourself that you can change. Tall guys don't have chicks throwing themselves at them just because they're tall - you're insecurity about your height is a bigger turn-off than your actual height ever was

    • So what can I do to compensate for my height?

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    • I mean I've had women say I'm attractive and I do workout and I'm genuine but I feel like when I graduate college life would be much more difficult because of my height.

    • That's probably the problem right there. You 'feel' like life would be much more difficult because of your height. If you already convince yourself it's going to be a problem then it's going to be a problem no matter what.

      We all have our insecurities, we just have to do our best to ignore them. Improve what we can change and accept what we cannot. I think I have a ridiculously ugly smile, but I also think everyone's got their fair share of problems - it'd be a little self-centered to start blaming society for just not accepting me. We need to pick up our burdens like everyone else and just keep carrying on

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  • I'm sorry you're short, geez😜

  • Height doesn’t matter as long as he’s taller than I am. I’m 5’6” so anything above that is fine by me

  • That's not even what narrow-minded means. Plus my experiences with how shallow and narrow-minded guys are, are MUCH worse than what guys complain about with how shallow and narrrow-minded women.


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  • hows the weather down there?

  • Lol, what are you talking about? Women arn't the only ones who think a short man is less of a man.

    • Men think that too.

    • I think everyone has a right to be picky, i hate fat chicks for example. Sooo that means chicks get to hate short dudes.

    • But that don't mean short guys don't have any value